Peet Pienaar | CV

b. 1971

Qualifications: BAFA, University of Stellenbosch 

1996: Performed Springbok Rugby Player at S. A. National Gallery

1997: Solo Exhibition: Hanel Gallery, Cape Town
Finalist : FNB Vita Awards
Performed Nike at opening of 2nd Johannesburg Biennale
Performed Rugby Sequin Suit at JHB art gallery
Guest Artist : Main Festival – Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees

1998: Lost 30kg as an ongoing collaborative artwork with Barend de Wet, sculpting our bodies as body builders
Director: Club/Pick-ups: One night at the perfect night club (Cape Town) 
Performed Amplified Sewing Machines with Barend de Wet at the “Red Eye Event ” (Durban Art Gallery) 
Interviewed rugby player Mark Andrews for Options (SABC3) 
Interviewed Robby Kempson for Flux (SABC3)

1999: Performed Sunbed and Pschologist at The Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg
Acted in Vuilspel – a rugby comedy
Short film Boer in collaboration with Elias Tieleman at the Stedelike Museum , Amsterdam

2000: Short film Boer at the National Korean Film Festival
Performed Fashion with Barend de Wet at the SA Fashion Week, Johannesburg
Editor and founder of The Key Line ( a magazine of design and new culture) 
Producer of LSM 7 a physical theatre play about labels and products in love relationships
Performed Craig Jonsson Forever University of Witwatersrand 
Performed Indaba for Indaba magazine, Cape Town City centre
Solo exhibition with circumcision at the Brendon Bell Roberts Gallery, Cape Town

2001: Barbie and Ken performance at, YdeTag, National Gallery, Cape Town
Write myself my code a multimedia exhibition marketing a computer virus, Brendon Bell Roberts Gallery, Cape Town

2002: 110m a performance/theatre installation with Jaco Bouwer, Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees
Huis a performance/theatre installation with Jaco Bouwer, Aardklop kunstefees Potchefstroom. 
Untitled a performace about men with Jaco Bouwer at Grahamstown festival,

Artist’s statements:

“I’m using art as an excuse to live a very interesting life – it allows you to be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, go where ever you want to go. It’s like a free ticket. Take the gym thing – just to exercise all the time would have been so boring, but when it was done as an art project, it was quite different.”

“I continually strive to blur the lines between my art and my life, creating performance-based, conceptual, and installation work that is at once deeply personal yet firmly situated in the South African social landscape.”

Community / Education Projects: 
Breugel Theatre in Kahyamandi, Stellenbosch
Lectured Non-Traditional Methods, University of Stellenbosch.

1996: Mother City Queer Project’s Secret Garden Project- Art Director and Project Manager.
1997: Twinkly Sea Project – Art Director and Project Manager
Planet Art Contemporary Art Site (first contemporary art gallery in city): Curator and owner. Museum of Contemporary Art: Curator.
Club project at Artscape: Co-ordinator and Curator.

1999 – 2000: The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town: Creative Stimulator. Responsible for developing activities, brainstorming sessions, and projects aimed at inspiring, informing, provoking, challenging, and motivating staff in the creative department, and opening up questions and issues for debate, including such daily concerns as “what is advertising?;” and “”what is going to be the next trend?” Projects included:

  • EVENTS DIARIES – listing cultural events, venues, spaces and things to do
  • OUTINGS – Visits to culturally/socially/artistically interesting spaces and events including theatre, the gay baths, mall parking lots, the station, the townships, art exhibitions, and movies. These evenings were aimed at offering creatives fresh, new stimulation beyond the traditional “watch a show reel” or “page through a design book”
  • LSM – A physical theatre/ performance piece that was written, devised and performed by creatives at the agency working with a professional director. The piece aimed to give creatives a new creative experience of design and language, subtext, visual language and physical language. The piece was finally performed for an audience that included journalists, theatre people, designers, and other advertising agencies, and was acclaimed by the likes of Cape Town director Martinus Basson.
  • KEYLINE – An in-house publication that was developed by creatives at the agency, Keyline aimed to stimulate, provoke and push the boundaries of design and writing. The publication went on to win a Lourie Award (2000) and was featured in ID Magazine, U.K.,, where it was described as “truly stimulating.”
  • BOOK > ART: Creatives in the agency were each given a book (ranging from a book on Beat poetry to a book of swearwords) for which they had to create an artwork. The work had to be created using non-conventional media. An exhibition of the art produced was held in the agency.
  • JHB PROJECT- Creatives from the agency were taken to JHB to work with a JHB artist on a project that looked at urban spaces, architecture and city living

2000: Facilitated workshops at the AAA School of Advertising and the Red & Yellow School of Advertising
2001: Daddy Buy Me a Pony: Creative Director and Art Director
2002: still at daddy buy me a pony but also director of 9 November, a marketing and business unit.m