Stephen Hobbs | CV

Stephen Hobbs

b. 1972 , Johannesburg (Jhb.), South Africa

1990-93 B.A. (Hons) Fine Art [MFA equivalent], Univ. of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Jhb.

1996 Institute Français d’Afrique du Sud Bursary, Study Tour, Paris
1993-94 Annia Milman Scholarship for overseas travel, Wits

1999 Torque of the Town, Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet, Cape Town. Catalogue. Website project:
1996 Grey Area, The Workers’ Library and Museum , Jhb. Catalogue.
1994 M23 70, Rembrandt van Rijn Art Gallery, Market Theatre, Jhb.

1997 Croisee des Artistes, (with Christelle Familiari) for Fin de Siéecle à Jhb, (curator Patricia Solini), Nantes Festival, France. Catalogue.

2000 Emotions and Relations, Sandton Civic Gallery, Jhb.
2000 Pissing Man, (neon installation), Copulating Couple, (animation), and Emotions and Relations, in Oudshoorn Arts Festival, SA 
2000 Pissing Man, for Fuori Uso 2000, (curator Hu Hanru), Pescara, Italy. Catalogue
1999 Permanent Collection Exhibition, , Sandton Civic Art Gallery, Jhb. 1999 Channel, video, Assoc. for Visual Arts Gallery, Cape Town
1999 Documents II, Casco Project Space, Utrecht, Netherlands
1997/8 MS, video, in , Hong Kong Etc, (curator Hou Hanru) at Second Jhb, Biennale, Market Theatre Galleries. Catalogue (p. 361)
1997/8 Dusk till Dusk, , video, in Transversions, (curator Yeu Yon Kim) at Second Jhb, Biennale, Museum Africa.
1997/8 On Interesting Spaces, video, in Purple and Green, (curator Abrie Fourie), Pretoria Art Museum
1997 Photosynthesis, (curator Kathy Grundlingh ) at Standard Bank National Arts Festival, Grahamstown , SA. Catalogue (p. 6)
1997 Contemporary South African Art: The Gencor Collection, (curator Kendell Geers), Sandton Civic Gallery. Catalogue.
1997 Hitch-Hiker, (curator Clive Kellner), Generator Art Space, Jhb.
1997 3X10: A group exhibition in three parts, Hänel Gallery, Cape Town 
1996 The Young and the Restless (without permission), Sandton Civic Art Gallery , Jhb.
1996 AUDIOVISUAL, in Videos and Cartoons from South Africa, (curator Antonio Campos) at Culturgest Film Festival, Lisbon , Portugal. Catalogue 
1996 The Body Politic, (curators Colin Richards and Pitika Ntuli) , at Africus Biennale, Gertrude Posel Gallery. Catalogue.

1997 Documents of Gondwanaland, short film (with Nhlanhla Mbatha, Sally Shorkend and The SA School of Film, Television and Dramatic Art), Rembrandt Gallery, Jhb.
1997 Zone , (curator Marlaine Tosoni), Generator Art Space, Jhb.
1997 Incidental, , video (with Jo Ractliffe)
1996 Naked on a Goat, video (with Robin Orlin, Barney Simon), Market Theatre, Jhb. Programme.

1999 54 Storeys, short film, premiere and interview: 
1999 Unlimited.Nl, artist’s page for Metropolis M, Issue #1 (Netherlands)
1999 Seeing is believing, artist’s pages for Casco Project, Issue #5 (Netherlands)
1998/9 Erased Markings cnr. Bezuidenhout and Jeppe Streets, Jhb, artist’s pages in: Blank_Architecture, Apartheid and After, (Hilton Judin and Ivan Vladislavic (eds.))

2000 Tour Guides of the Inner City, Market Theatre Galleries, Jhb. Website, documentary, public interventions
1997 Aborrescence, group exhibition with artists Jo Ractliffe and Roger van Wyk, for Nantes Festival, France.
1997 Knowledge to the Visitor, with Titus Matiyane and Zem. Rembrandt van Rijn Art Gallery , Jhb.
1997 Documents of Gondwanaland, by Nhlanhla Mbatha. Rembrandt van Rijn Art Gallery 
1996 ScrambleÑVideo Installations and Projections, (curated with Clive Kellner, Marc Edwards), Civic Gallery, Jhb. 1995 Somewhere at a Distance from Both, with artists Moshekwa Langa and Roger Palmer, for

2000 Untitled Blurb, (newspaper), Contributing Designer and Editor (publisher: Creative Cities Initiative, SA Dept. Arts, Culture, Science and Technology.) 
1999 Torque of the TownÑA User’s Guide to a Dysfunctional City, limited edition catalogue (publisher: Mark Coetzee Fine Art Cabinet, Cape Town) and website:
1998 What makes this day different from any other, in WASH #3, (publisher: Chalkam Hill Press , Jhb.)
1996 Grey Area, (publisher: French Institute of South Africa)

Gencor Collection, Jhb.
Gertrude Posel Gallery, Wits , Jhb. 
Sandton Civic Gallery, Jhb.
Alliance Francaise, Jhb. 
Private collections, South Africa, Europe, New York

1995-pres. Lecturer, S.A. School of Film, Television and Dramatic Art, Jhb.
1994-pres. Manager, Market Theatre Galleries, Jhb.

Television documentary in “Seeing Ourselves” series (producers Susan Glanville and Wayne Barker), ETV, 2000 , SA
WASH #5 , project page for the “Family Issue,” 1999
Benita Munitz: Cape Times newspaper, ” Concept: Interrelation of City and People ,” Feb. 1999
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Interactive CD-Rom game: Out of Order: A User’s Guide to a Dysfunctional City., Release 2000
Video installation commemorating Ruth First , Wits University , Aug. 2000 
Installation of Johannesburg Mirror Ball Sculpture , Cape Town , Aug. 2000
Mirage City, video projection for “Retreks” and The Arts Alive Festival, Sept. 2000
Solo exhibition entitled Torque of the Town, 2001
Theatre collaboration with Jeanette Ginslov using Mirage City, photographs , early 2001
Sound installation collaboration with composer Phillip Miller, Institute of Contemp. Art, Jhb., 2001