Fritha Langerman | CV

Fritha Langerman

b. 1970 , Cape Town, South Africa (SA)

1993-95 MFA, (distinction) Michaelis School of Fine Art, Univ. of Cape Town 1988-91 B.A. Fine Art, (distinction) Michaelis School of Fine Art, Univ. of Cape Town

1999 ABSA Atelier Merit Award 1991 & 1995 Katrine Harries Print Cabinet Award, UCT

1998. CODE, AVA, Cape Town 1996. The Dissection, the Castle, Cape Town.

2001. Watch, with Katherine Bull. US Gallery, Stellenbosch
1996. Cross Section, with Berni Searle & Wilna Coetzer. Association of Art, Bellville.

2001. International Print Exhibition, Macau Museum of Art
2001. Reconstitution. Standard Bank National Arts’ Festival, Grahamstown
2000. Address-Redress. Print exhibition, Oliewenhuis Museum, Pretoria
1999. Bloedlyn, Klein Karroo Festival.,AVA, Cape Town
1999. ABSA Atelier, Bellville, Pretoria
1999. Committee Selection, AVA, Cape Town
1999. Postcards from South Africa, Axis Gallery, New York.
1999. Anima(l), Bellville Association of Art.
1999. Project Conflux, Luxembourg, Dijon, Cape Town, Pretoria.
1998. Sensitivities, Area Gallery, Cape Town.
1998. Women of the Bo Kaap, Lipschitz Gallery, C-Town.
1998. StellenboschStaff Exhibition, AVA, Cape Town.
1997. Recent Acquisitions, S A. National Gallery.
1997. International Womens’ Day Exhibition, Robben Island.
1997. The Body Politic Portfolio, AVA, Cape Town.
1997. Process and Practice in Contemporary South African Printmaking, Exhibition of South African printmakers, Grahamstown Festival.
1997. Exhibition of South African Women Artists, Sasol Museum, Stellenbosch.
1997. Volkskas Atelier, Bloemfontein.
1996. Volkskas Atelier Awards, Bellville and Pretoria.
1996. Stellenbosch staff exhibitions, Johan Stegman Gallery, Bloemfontein & US Gallery, Stellenbosch.
1996. Contemporary Cape Town Printmakers, Civic Theatre, Johannesburg
1995 . International Exhibition of Art Colleges, Hiroshima, Japan.
1993. Under the Mountain Exhibition, Canberra, Australia.
1992. Artists of the Future. Baxter Theatre, Cape Town.

1999 – Lecturer in Print and New Media, Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.
1995 – 1999. Part time lecturer in Printmaking, University of Stellenbosch and University of Cape Town.

1998: Charting the Earth: Early lithographs of natural history, South African Museum. 
1998: Ulwazi Lwemvelo: Indigenous knowledge in South Africa, South African Museum (advisor). 
1992: Exhibition of relief prints from the Katrine Harries Print collection, University of Cape Town. 

2001. Containing Excess: creating a lexicon for the management of objects and images. in Artworks in Progress, Journal of the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.
1999. The State of Print:1999. In A Directity of South African Contemporary Art Practices. Jean Cambell (ed).
1998. Sutures and Wounds in a Paper Armoury. In Artworks in Progress, Journal of the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.
1998. What’s Bred in the Stone. Katrine Harries Print Cabinet, University of Cape Town.
1996. On the Surface. the art and technique of relief printmaking (ed). Katrine Harries Print Cabinet, University of Cape Town.

Katrine Harries Print collection, UCT, SA
South African National Gallery, Cape Town, SA
Yale Art of the Book collection, Connecticut, USA
Sasol Collection, Stellenbosch, SA
Library of Congress, Washington, USA
MTN Print Collection, Jhb, SA
ABSA Collection, Jhb, SA

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