“The things that we see are the things that are in us. There is no reality except for the reality we have within us. What makes the lives of most men so unreal is that they mistake the images outside them for reality and never let their own world speak.”
– Hermann Hesse

“For illusion is not the opposite of reality, but a more subtle reality which enwraps the former kind in the sign of its disappearance”
– Jean Baudrillard

“… mysteries are meant to be felt, not understood.”
Bill Viola

“In a dark time the eye begins to see”
– Theodore Roethke

Clarity is something to be overcome if we are to discover new ways of being in and perceiving the world. These images form an allegory describing a metaphysical journey. They reflect a search for evidence of the transcendent in the commonplace and for a sense of the inherent mysteriousness of life. I have tried to find extraordinary moments in ordinary life that symbolically reflect a primordial, archetypal level of experience. In so doing I am attempting to link – and even bind together – the internal with the external and the personal with the archetypal. It is in the tolerating of the tension between these pairs of opposites that a new and larger state of being can begin to emerge. For it is here at the waterline between consciousness and the unconscious that the nature of our beings can be re-created and re-formed. 

– Sean Wilson, April 2002