SODO: Haiti,1997-2001, SE publication


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Haiti, 1997-2001
Phyllis Galembo

“To my amazement, when the film was processed, I saw the spirit reveal itself in remarkable ways.” – Phyllis Galembo

Special Edition
30 copies
* English only
* Includes one archival pigment print. (‘Sodo #2’, Series: Sodo Haiti, 1997-2001, Archival pigment print, 28x19cm)

In the heart of Haiti there is a sacred place called Sodo, meaning “waterfall” in French. It is believed that the Virgin Mary appeared there amongst the foliage of a palm tree, to a farmer in 1840; the pilgrimage in Sodo was started with a new spiritual meaning, combined with the local religion. This book is full of the images from the spiritual ritual taken by Phyllis Galembo from 1997 to 2001. For those who want forgiveness of their sins, those who are grateful, and those who wish more to realize, all gather to soak and cleanse in the sacred waterfall. In the place of forgiveness and blessing, Galembo left behind the heavy and awkward professional equipment she had used earlier to document their traditional dress. Instead she loaded several underwater point-and-shoot cameras with black and white film, hoping the spirit would reveal itself. And, like those who leave with joy, she also found her film containing mysterious and magical moments.

30 copies
2021 22.5 × 28.5 cm
72 pages Bookcloth Hard cover binding
ISBN 978-89-97605-56-9